I didn't really like this one much, but I'll see what you guys think of it anyways. It's suppose to go with a prog/death metal-ish type song. Also, if you could suggest a name for the song, it would be helpful.

Under artistic silence
A license uncovered
Of creative freedom
We plunder our minds
‘X’ marks the spots
That we hold the dearest
For there we are the weakest
For there we step aside

Under the impression
That life’s an imitation
Of our minds
Of our inner minds

Heading in a direction
No return
No return
No return
The caption: compensation

Can we cope with the fact that our future is heading for this?
No return?
No return?
Can we destroy this social commentary
That is the media
And the commercialization
That’s tearing apart our perception of the modern world
Without reimbursing that which we have gained from it
The economy’s ****ed anyway, who cares?
Also taking into account that this very direction which we shall take
Whilst destroying it
May or may not be a part of it, depending on the specific
individual in question

Who’s under the impression
That life’s an imitation
Of our minds
Of our inner minds

Although absolute knowledge would be an idyll
Wouldn’t you mind to make you own?
Complete control over your emotions
Complete control over your world
Absolute creativity
An superlative artistic faculty
Stray from the conventions
Open your mind to the world
Absolute creativity

What of those clinging on to the past?
I don’t give a shit, they can rot in hell
As this new age has gave birth to a flower
Is not that flower to one individual, to another their thorn?
I don’t give a shit, that flower can burn
For what I have gained no mortal can comprehend
Philosophical and physiological soundness

Recounting my thoughts
Never the same as again
Yet they’re erased
Wiped but clean
I thought this way of life new none
Even loss
However it seems I was wrong
The counter-action
The un-predictability
Of the said medium

As those exact thoughts could never be recounted as they once were
And surely wiped out
I have to question myself
Just what am I weeving?
The direction that mankind has taken?
Has it been but good or bad?
**** that
As it’s shaped on one’s perception of the world
A full circle
Now that THAT’s been lead a stray
Will not chaos follow?
Since the conduit
Once thought to be ever remaining
Has been removed?

Trying to recall
But all I feel is doubt
‘what if?’s circle my mind
I’m dazing

Humanity is in a daze
There’s no turning back


Who’s under the impression
That life’s an imitation
Of our minds
Of our inner minds
Overcoming what appeared to be the Ultima
The purpose of life?
Is this the Ultima?
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wow, long song lol. nice though, created a good picture with very well thought out words that obviously ment something to you. kinda hard to make it flow, but i bet you have a melody in your head that makes it sound amazing. cant really find anything that i would suggest working on, keep it up. i would like to read more of your stuff. and i cant thing of a name for the song lol, sorry
There is a saying in poetry, "show me, don't tell me." here you are announcing everything, like an announcer to a sporting event. "Dave has the ball. Dave passes the ball. Dave picks his ass."


XD epic win