I am not in the mood to deal with everyone's issues and do the band thing again right now.

I do want to compose, record and make music. I figure send tracks and songs and ideas back and forth, multitrack and mix in each other's performances until we get somewhere everyone is happy with.

I play guitar, bass, keys, some drums, compose, and write lyrics. All at a fairly average level - but probably because I have to do all of it myself. I'm jazz trained and while I prefer a kinda heavy, trippy, and groovy style; I can work with almost anything and anyone.

From the start I'd say everything - song rights, money, etc, gets divided equally between everyone involved.

I have some originals I'd could throw in as starting material.

The more diversity working together the better the final result most likely.


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Sure man, I'd like to do something for this!

I can do guitar, bass and drum programming and I can do mixing for this maybe. But I'm no shredder at any of those, so a proper player might be better

I think my goal is to make sure everyone gets to do what they want to do, have creative input and collaboration, etc. Basically make sure everyone is getting something out of it.

I'm not good drum programming, but I am not bad and general audio engineering. I play decent guitar and bass, write lyrics.

I guess what would you like to do? is the most important. I'm very flexible and will work with you to get to that point.

And then we should figure out file formats and software to standardize on.

What software, OS, and other stuff do you use/prefer?

Audacity, Garage Band, Ableton Live

I mainly use Reaper and Kristal for my recording. I would be most interested in rhythm guitar, I can't play nothing like Metallica but can play at a reasonable tempo and can get damn heavy sounds!

I think that everything in WAV files would be best so it can be put to a cd maybe, and do you think that Guitar Pro tabs are a good idea? We can really work on the songs better if we use them.
I play guitar and program drums and keyboards. My main influences are Cynic, The Fall of Troy, and a variety of other non related styles of music as far as songwriting goes. I'm not much of a lead guitarist (my solos usually end up turning more into melodic passages), although I am able to lay down some pretty ambient delay and phaser driven type trippy passages. I record using Reaper with a Line 6 UX2. I use POD Farm for most of my tones, but I do use some of the VST amps that some of the users in R&R recommend. I do all my compositions in GP5. Hit me up by PM if you're interested.