I bought 3 Rockmaster preamps and a Marshall JMP-1 from ebay a few months ago. The first Rockmaster and the JMP-1 arrived a few days back. They are both totally awesome, i have never had such great hi gain tone in my life.

2 of my Rockmaster's r still in the US and i can have them modded by FJA.
Just wanted to know from someone who knows or has played one, what the difference in character will be after the mods, r they worth it. I am really happy with the tone as it is, wonder how it could be improved. Ofcourse terms such as meaty, warm, bigger, less buzz.........mean nothing yet are so attractive!!!!!

Advice please......

ps: The JMP-1 is a monster itself!!! Loving the versatility and it has tons of gain!
I advise you not to mod them, if you are happy with the current tone.

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Why i bought 3 ?

I live in Pakistan, very hard to find or get gear shipped here. So heads and stacks were out of the question. So i got a great deal on the Rockmasters and will create a switching system so i can have 3 hi gain tones for rhtyhm, crunch and lead and a coupe of different clean ones for stomp boxes etc.
dude, at this point i only have a Peavey 5150 halfstack so i go straight into the return...basically just using the poweramp of the 5150, which i had biased hotter than the factory setting and it sounds awesome.

I need a noise gate and comp in front.
For effects and switching i've been really confused lately. I need tremelo, delay and verb and was thinking of getting a TC Nova System which i would use in stomp box mode and use the mod, dly and verb only.
Actually i need to ask a few questions so will start a Nova system thread........

Or i may just get stomp boxes and a loop switching system.
In the future i may go for a rack poweramp, which i cant afford right now.
Get it modded. I just got my 6505+ FJA modded and it's safe to say that I'll be sending nearly every piece of gear there from now on.

The Rockmaster is an underrated preamp, having it modded will really make it an awesome unit.
Well I advise figuring out what you like about your Rockmaster and what bugs you. That way, when you get it modded, you can tell the guys what you want out of the thing and they'll mod it to your specs. Get rid of any boominess in the bass or fizzy gain characters.
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