okay now, the title may have been a bit misleading, but it goes like this

right now, im on the way to uluru with a bunch of family and friends, loving the trip and the weather at night at least. well before this trip started, me and a friend were having a conversation at the bar and eventually we pit the great wall against Uluru in terms of coolness. it's not that simple though, there are things to consider, such as marvel factor, origins (what's cooler, slave labor of millions and a testament to physical labor or something that is one of natures most beautiful and awe inspiring things to offer) common knowledge, national idnetity (as in, what it contributes to it) and so on. with all these factors in mind we couldn't reach a consensus, and as this is a matter of opinion, what better place than the most opinionated place in the world; the pit, is there to go to?

therefore i ask you, (and this is the tl;dr for you lazy turds) which is cooler, Ayer's Rock, or the Great Wall of China?

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The wall..
Iluru is just sh!thouse mate. It's not even good at all. Except some sheila's baby was taken, by a dingo.. which for some reason i think comes from asian??? Im probz wrong though
Uluru. Its more than just a rock sitting in the middle of nowhere. Theres cave-paintings, wildlife, you can climb it and go camping.

Also, the temperature in/around Alice Springs hasn't gone above 40 degrees in living memory, its just hotter for longer periods.
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