I play guitar in a post-hardcore/alternative band, I currently have a Boss Metal Zone (MT-2) but I find it's a bit too much for what I play, so I need a new distortion pedal, I want it to have a solid low end for chugs and such, but to have fairly low gain, I was thinking of a Boss Distortion (DS-1) because I'm a cheap ass, do you think this would suit my needs, or please recommend me a fairly inexpensive alternative
Digitech Hardwire Valve Distortion.

Digitech Hardwire pedals are the best of the best. There's also a Metal Distortion but it's probably a bit too high gain for what you play, here's a link:


EDIT: Since it has been about 20 minutes since the last post, I think I can safely say, /thread
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give us a list of bands you play. you can try getting ds-1 and modding it to keeley specs
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