iam currently in the process of looking for a new amp. I have been heading towards a bugera 333xl 212 as they are inexpensive and sound good. however i am a little worried and put off by the reliability issues people seem to have with them.
I have also looked at the blackstar series one 45. I know these have a really good reputation and from what i have seen are awesome. the problem with this is it is a little more than i initially wanted to spend but i am wondering whether i would be better spending the money now rather than risking having to spend it on repairing a bugera or getting another amp in the future. what do you guys suggest?

also would the blackstar be powerfull enough or loud enough to gig with? that is my only real concern with that amp.
45 tube watts is more than enough to light up mid-sized gigs. Go with that one says I.
There are a dozen threads on the Bugera reliability issue. Many owners say that the reliability problems that plagued the first generation of amps have been corrected, but others claim that they persist. I'd suggest that if you buy a Bugera, get a good extended warranty with it.

The Blackstar amps are first-rate, and the Series One is supposed to be a fantastic line of amplifiers. A 45-watt tube-powered 2x12 combo is plenty loud for most gigs, unless the rest of the people in your band have hugely powerful amplifier stacks. It should serve you very well.
45w is enough for a small gig with a decent PA system. For medium to large gigs, there may not be enough headroom to get the best tone out of it. Depends what style of music you play, as obviously some styles need all the headroom they can get (e.g. jazz and country) while other styles can make do or even benefit from the sound of a slightly weaker amp being fully cranked (blues-based rock and metal, for example).

My rule of thumb would be around 50w is good for regular rock music in venues with decent PA systems up to around 800 people. Once you hit 1000+ people, you may not need more than 50w (or 45w in this case) depending your specific play styloe, genre and the quality of the house PA, but to be on the safe side I would then look at getting a more powerful head and certainly if you ever get into the 2000+ range you're going to want a more powerful head. There's a reason why you don't see hard rock bands playing to 80,000 people at Wembley Stadium with a 50w halfstack. Then again if you're just starting out and playing to not even 80 people in a small bar, 100w is going to be a pointless waste and hell even 25w would get a better tone at the kind of size.

tl;dr: 45w is not bad and it could well be just what you need or maybe even more than you need; it depends on what you play, how you play, how you use your amp, what size gigs you play and the quality of the venues.
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the gigs we tend to do at the moment are not massive. A couple of hundred people or so.
they are just in night clubs and things. I know neither of those amps would be big enough for a massive venue but thats unlikely to happen.
The music i play is stuff like metal and heavyish rock music.
The Blackstar might be better.
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