Everywhere I play there is some hardcore lights that just make everyone on stage sweat, what's up with them?

Are they actually some kind of heat light or what?

Originally I thought it was because I play guitar and that's what makes me sweat under the lights, but I was still sweating when playing keyboard on stage today.

What the ****?
Some kind of heat light!?
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They're just high-powered incandescent lamps. Wide-spectrum, including infra-red. (that's the part that heats you) Coloured gels make them a little less bright, filtering out most of the visible light except for a certain colour, but they don't filter out the infra-red.
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Maybe it's a musician death ray.

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90 % of the energy of normal lightbulbs is lost in warmth, I guess it has something to do with that.
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Some kind of heat light!?

I found this comment humorous.
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Some kind of heat light!?

No, a death ray, most obviously.

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No, a death ray, most obviously.

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Because they lanterns you see have lamps in that are 1000 watts and some are well over that, up to 1500.
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They have them so its easy for the audience to see you. You are supposed to be putting on a show, remember?

Also, never look into the stage lights...
That was not a fun show.
Because they look good probably. Can you imagine how bland a show would look with regular light bulbs that just disperse light evenly in every direction?
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I wouldn't know, I've never played a show
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I know what you mean man. Everytime I'm onstage I sweat like a pedophile at a Wiggles concert.
You sweat under the lights because you know that there might also be some UV which would show up the jizz stains all over your clothes.
I want to get me some heat lights. then my lizard metamorphisis would be complete