Hey, I thought that this forum would be best for a question like this...

I have been playing for about two years now and have only stuck to heavy palm muted power chords and easy shit like that but have recently been getting into the mood for wanting to play faster stuff, like thrash metal rhythm guitar and actual lead guitar. So for the last two weeks I have been doing some practise at various speed exercises and found that my third finger/the one next to my middle finger was pretty weak. I have been finding it hard actually doing some of these exercises using my third finger because of this, I can move my first, middle and little fingers all ok, its just the third one.

I think that the finger has got weak because I don't ever use it for power chords or plain chords, I just use one finger most of the time!

SO, what can I do to get some strength back into the finger? are there any exercises I can do to get it back to normal?
The exercises you're already doing - nothing's going to magically improve matters, it's going to take time and you need to be patient.
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my ring finger is also very slow when moving independently, i can only see it improving through practicing more.