Search-bar'd, found nothing. Well, Pit-dwellers, would you care to share about life where you live? Sounds pretty interesting to me.


The fads here aren't as bad as what I've heard of America's fads of today.
At college in Hoboken NJ - cold, windy, but surrounded by awesome things.
At home in Lewisburg PA - still cold, not as windy, surrounded by drunk Bucknell girls who don't understand basic concepts of math, reading, and writing.

Hoboken > PA
I live in the rural area of Asturias in the north of Spain. Life is not bad. I go to highschool in the local town of about 1000 inhabitants. I live up the mountain, which isn't bad. My house, last year, around this time of the year. It looks pretty similar atm:

I have cows in the field sometimes, which keeps the grass short and fairly tidy.

There's lots of good food around here. The local drink is sidra, cider, but with a twist. It's poured from above the head into a glass, like so:

Yeah, life's good.
I live in a small village on a hill 130m above sea level. My bedroom window overlooks the village, masses of countryside and in the distance is the nearest town and beyond that is the Cotswold Hills.

I love it.
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Life is pretty shit in Holland.
There's not a lot to do around here in good ol' Indiana. :/
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I live in a city of about 7,000,000 people, the largest in Israel, and also the capital, Jerusalem. The Orthodox Jews are a bit of trouble from time to time, imposing their ultra-religious crap on everyone, but it's pretty quite now, after the suicide bombings and rocket attacks on Israel stopped. One thing that really annoys me is the racism and uber-patriotism frequently found here. For example, I don't want to join the military. I'm against it for political and moral reasons, but I'm still joining, because it's my duty. Instead of respecting this, many people start calling me Anti-Semitic and whatnot.
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Well i live in suburbs outside of sydney.
Pretty chill place, not too many bogans but a lot of lebanese.
pretty much sucks. Small town Norwegian town, really nothing to do. I don't like the school, or the subjects. The language is pretty dull and stupid too. I miss living in Vienna...
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I live in what I suppose could be called a suburb, terraced housing, busy roads and shops stretch for miles around and a large number of chavs make their homes here and wonder the streets causing damage to the local area and feasting out of bi- ... forgot this isn't a wildlife documentary. It's mediocre, it's a very working class area, which is conveniant to live in but I definately would like to move out of this city in a few years time.
Rains nearly every day and it's really hot and humid.
Apart from that it's alright, one of the safest countries I think.