So i have this melody in Bb and it's pretty short but i just came up with it this second and like the tonality of it.

So It's using all the standard notes of Bb
Bb C D Eb F G and A however at certain points i use a Gb does this mean i'm just changing the melody for a second into Bb minor? because i know to get the natural minor you flat the 3rd 6th 7th however i'm not using any of the other minor notes in the scale just the 6th and then i sharpen the note again bringing it back to the major F.

Am i right or does this belong to a mode?
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It's neither - all you're doing is using Gb as a passing tone.
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It depends on how you're using the G♭. It could be borrowed from the parallel minor, or it could just be a passing tone.
what they said. also, just so you know, the minor third is what determines that a scale is minor. the natural minor scale has a ♭6 and ♭7, but they're not what makes it minor. (look at harmonic and melodic minor)