Any experience with this unit ?

I need Trem/Chorus, delay and verb post my preamps, so i am not concerned with the drive and comp on this thing.

I heard there is a delay when switching presets and somethings r not implemented too well.
Also if i were to connect this to a midi preamp, would the midi preamp preset switching be instant ?
i use mine in the loop for modulation, delay, verb etc - exactly how you describe, and it beats any other multifx unit ive used for this purpose.

had no qualms with mine. for me it works as it should; no noise, delays or anything. you may experience slight differences based on what firmware version you use, just make sure its up to date.
Thats great to know man.
i also was wondering if u could program it to change presets on my midi preamp, i know its possible, just wanted to know if the switching is seamless. on the TC itself, i heard there is a slight lag which would affect the internal engine not the MIDI out i'm assuming.
Any experience with this ?