I have some queries on the situation of picking up some new pickups. I really have no idea how to determine between such. I'm looking to replace the electrics in a Yamaha older than me. What I'm wondering; Is there a general consensus of sounds from certain pickups? Is there a trend in the manufacture of pickups so as to know what to expect from a given brand?

Thank you for your knowledge.

EDIT: apologies. I'm looking for a dirty blues sound.
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Really you cant be helped without knowing what kind of sound you are looking for. But if you checkout guitarfetish.com they have a wide selection of good pickups for cheap prices as well as other electronics you may want to replace in that guitar.
Well, It really depends on what kind of sound you're going for. I can really only speak on behalf of some of the major brands cause those are the only ones I've experimented with:

If you're going for the Metal/Heavy music area: EMG's or Seymour Duncan Blackouts

Then for other types of sound, Check out Seymour duncan, DiMarzio, and Gibson for their pickup models related to given styles and genres. The sites are usually pretty helpful in explaining things of the sort.