This is a song I've written over a couple of days, when I've had nothing else to do and I've been wondering if it's actually any good.

I'm not sure of the genre, kinda alt. rock with a bridge inspired by funky kinda playing.

Enjoy and C4C

cool riff.gp5
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fun song! though, a bunch of the changes are quite sporadic. and the whole thing is quite short. If you lengthened some of the sections and add a drum kit and a bass it would really be something! what if you added a horn section? idk, it just seemed like it would fit with your song.
Intro is actually really good for an alternative song. But the transition as well as the riff after that don't fit at all, either make it distorted or change the transition so its less surprising and sudden.

Chorus is very cool, I liked it. Nothing to say about it expect its catchy.

Once again, transtion transtion. It's what makes or breaks a song and you need to work of them. Your ideas are great but it just seems like a bunch of different songs copy and pasted or something.

The riffs, I'll give you a 7/10 they are good riffs. They definitely could pass for a great song if put together in the right way.

For the song, I'll give you a 5/10. Like I said it's just the way the riffs are presented that hurts you. You definitely have to work on this song but with some effort I could see it being an 8 or even a 9/10.

I'd love to see a later version of the song though, I really love the intro.

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A lot of the riffs are good, but the transitions aren't, so none of the riffs work together; they just sound like a random assortment of ideas and thoughts. Plus, it needs bass and drums. I could help you out a bit with that, if you wanted me to, seeing as I am as bassist and a drummer.

C4C? Anything from my sig would be great.
Thanks for all that, I agree that transitions have never been my strong point

And I'm actually a basisst i just write guitar in my spare time so I'll hopefully be putting bass and drums to this soon.

I like the horn idea btw, I was also thinking some strings

I'll hopefully have the updated version up before Christmas
Here's the updated version, I've added bass, drums and a brass section and tried to sort the transistions out

I'd love to hear what you think
cool riff.gp5