Ok so im going to restring my bass for the first time. How easy/hard is it to do? What tools do i need? Can anyone show me a good video tutorial showing how to do it? Thanks.
http://www.tunemybass.com/bass_string_change/ is a good resource and check out the FAQ.

Ben (Deliriumbassist) has an good overview of the process in the FAQ. The only tool you really need are a set of wire clippers. Not necessary but makes the job a bit easier.
Also a tool that's not necessary but is handy is made by planet waves, i forget the name of the product, but it has a wire cutter on one end and a thing that turns the tuners faster. I use it, it makes life easier but you can make due with out it.
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It's so much eaiser with a string winder. Says me after 5 years of not having one.

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