Alrighty, I'm a tube n00b, and I need to replace the tubes on my triple rectifier. I LOVED the sound of the tubes I had in it and it's time to replace them.

(The gain has gotten really weak and I need to turn up much more than usual to get the tone I want, and even then, it's not as good as before when the tubes were newer)

The tubes I have in there right now have this written on them 'Groove tube gt6l6c aka KT86/5881'

Now i'm looking to buy the same set of tubes again, but i can't figure out
if the tubes I'm looking at are the same.

here's a link to some

now does the CHP instead of just C make a difference?

or if anybody wants to just direct me to a site that will let me find tubes that will be a similar replacement let me know!
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groove tubes suck btw id just get some jj 6l6c's they will be better
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I recommend These
Or These

IMO TAD's and SED =C= are about the best replacements for boogies out there. Just make sure when you order them, to tell them you need them in Mesa's bias range. Both of them are great companys. I don't recommend grove tubes. I just don't like them. Also if you want to darken the amp up a bit go with JJ's.
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