I'm into my third year as a bassist. I can play really well. But lately it has become apparant that I should start learning songs my ear. I do have one of those TASCAM bass trainers but even with that I still suck at learning songs by ear, even simple songs.

Currently I've been trying to learn the Who songs 5:15, Heaven and Hell, Sister Disco, Trick Of The Light and New Song for a while now with very limited results. And I know, I know, it's hard to learn anything by John Entwistle but I'm a stubborn bastard who doesn't want to give up. But lately I feel inferior because I don't know how to learn by ear. For the past two years I've been relying on my Dad (who plays bass) to teach me songs or by tab. Now it's come to the point where if I want to be a musician later in life I have to learn by ear.

Last night I watched a YouTube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_3SMmyot3I8) of this young guy (probably looking like late teens early twenties) who sings terribly but plays bass like a master. Not only did he learn Heaven and Hell by the Who but also John Entwistle's bass solo on the Royal Albert Hall Live DVD. It has given me motovation but I still have trouble.

I asking for help by any bassists who can pick out the notes on recordings to give me some tips to overcome the obstacles I'm facing.
err ... all i can think about is to use earphones .. also y you have a subwoofer syster turn the bass up
Learning your I, IV, V will help as most pop/rock/simpler songs are in this. That way all you need to do is find the tonic and then you just have a few options as to what the other notes might be.

Also, as above said. Tune into the bass. Chords can be very confusing (inverted, extensions) so try to tune into the lowest note you hear before trying to get any of the extensions in.