the SG is sweet, played one once
The LP looks good, never played one
The amp is not very good... you can get better
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I'd be jumping on that Sg if I were you, but then again prices are different up here in the great white north . And maybe try looking for the 15 or 30 watt cube instead, I believe those are the ones that are more popular for their amp models.
I'm not sure about the amp or the Les Paul, but stay away from the Gibson SG Special Faded. It's a total piece of garbage. Again, DO NOT BUY THE GIBSON SG SPECIAL FADED!!!
i wouldnt buy any of them but if i were to...id go with the LP, it has a nice color
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get the SG its the epitome of dopeage
and also you can get a brand new cube for 5 bucks more at GC
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ok no roland and whats wrong with the SG's i can't get this one but i've always had my eyes on SG's. Unfortunatley theres 2 cutler bays one 10miles from my house and one about 110miles from my house guess which one it's at...