Hey fellows.

This is a song that I wrote recently for my band. I decided to keep it sweet and simple, because we're just starting out. It's an Afrikaans song, so don't pay much attention to the lyrics.

Constructive criticism is greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.
pretty solid. i liked it musically anyway. like you said sweet and simple, but hey who ever said that was a bad thing? i didnt know what any of the lyrics meant like you said but they seemed musically/melodically to fit quite nicely. keep up the good work
maybe try and do something a little less abrubt/harsh/abrasive i guess? for the ending. it kinda seems like it just stops for no reason and it kills the vibe a bit. try a fade of perhaps or even just take that power chord up an octave perhaps.
sounded sick! good song man :P i personally like the ending, i don't think it needs changing. One thing you could add tho... a guitar solo
I like it a lot! very solid. I don't speak Africaans, so may I ask what the song is about?

I wouldn't change anything except to make sure Abri (your lead guitarist?) is clearly audible throughout. That track has some very cool stuff, and I couldn't hear it particularly well the whole time.