So, being a metal player(slipknot,slayer,maiden,trivium...) which one would suit me better?
I would go for the Vypryr... the Vox is great... but I only use it for blues and classic rock, I dont think it would sound good for metal
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Vypyr, by far. More suited to high gain than the VT's are.
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Vypyr, no question
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Yep, definately the Vypyr!
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The only Vox that was really suited for metal is the XL series, which is a few years old but if you can find and test a used one, it has some nice high gain models.
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My older Vox Valvetronix does metal pretty well...

But for super distortion stuff get the vyper.

I can play alot of metalcore on this but ya gotta play with the eg a bit

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The Vox would definitely be a better buy. It has PLENTY of gain for metal, and the 12ax7 tube gives it a warmer sound. Just remember, you don't need a ton of gain for metal.
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Vypyr. the Vox can reach metal, but it won't have as much gain as you would hope for without a pedal, which is how i reach my metal tones. I've got the 30 watt version, and sometimes I wished i went for the Vypyr instead, but with a pedal, you can easily acheive metal on the Vox.
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