So I'm home from college on winter break and only have my old bass to play:


since i have my newer one at my dorm. I was wondering if I should bother buying new pickups for it in order to improve the sound. Should I buy new pickups for this bass or should I just not bother? Feel free to suggest any pickups in specific since I'm not very savvy on pickups. Thx.
It just depends if you're going to use it and how much of a difference you'll get. Squier pickups can be hit or miss, sometimes a cheap pickup will sound fine and sometimes it won't so it's hard for any of us to say without listening to your bass.

What is your other bass? If you have two jazz basses for example, I wouldn't bother upgrading the cheap one because you'd probably only use it for practice. If your other bass was a P-bass and you wanted to gig with a J-bass for the songs that don't call for a p-bass, then sure it would be worth upgrading if the rest of the bass is sound.
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The Squier Affinity Series basses usually are pretty nice from factory...

My brother has a P-Bass, and a friend of ours has a J-Bass.
They both sound really good, and are reliable. They endure everyday playing, weekly band rehearsals, and ocasional gigs, with no problems so far.

I wouldn't bother buying new pickups. The stock ones get the job done (from what i've seen so far).
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