I thought these were the main moods for all music whatever it is and iv put in the songs that i feel the most emotion from, this is just my opinion because of times and places and people iv heard these songs in, and with..

Love - Flying High By Jem / Little Wing by Jimi Hendrix

Hate - St Anger by Metallica / Disarsterpiece By Slipknot

Happy - Torture Me By RHCP / All Along The Watchtower By Jimi Hendrix

Sad - Wires by Athlete / Dance With My Farther by Luther Van Dross / Mad World by Gary Jules

I tried to pick 2 for each one but couldnt make my mind up for the sad one.

These are other songs i dont rele no what the mood is

Nothing Else Matters By Metallica (regret or hope?)
Roads by Portishead (drugged up? XD)
Philomena By Thin Lizzy (Euphoria?)

What are the most emotional songs you knowwwwwwwwww
Happy: John Mayer - No Such Thing
Sad: Anything sad I've written
A bunch of other songs tend to fit the other categories including the categories I've a;ready mentioned.
Love- Lenny (SRV) and Unchained Melody (Righteous Bros.)
Happy- Pride and Joy (SRV) and anything by AC/DC
Sad- In This River (Zakk Wylde) and Dirty Pool (SRV)
Hate- Dyers Eve (Metallica) and the Gang Bang Song (Ken from youtube)
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