It's probably around somewhere but I did not find anything in the search bar therefore I was interested in knowing how to verify a Gibson's serial code. For a LP I'm hoping to buy I was given the serial number 90610601, I just wanted to confirm it to be on the safe side before buying, I'm pretty sure it's fully legitimate, but I just want to be on the safe side.
The first and fifth numbers are the year, making that a 1990 serial number.

The second through fourth numbers are the day of the year, so it was made March 2nd.

The last three numbers are the product number, so that was the 601st guitar to leave the factory that day.

A serial number doesn't always mean that it's a legitimate guitar though, anybody can stamp a number on the back of an instrument. If you post pictures here we can take a look to see if it's got any signs of being a fake. A 1990 serial number does point towards legitimacy though, most fakers use a more recent SN.
Thanks, your help is appreciated hugely, I'm a complete noob when it comes to things such as this and I really want to be on the safe side, because months of planning + saving wasted would be a huge annoyance. Here are some pictures:

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I didn't only want to know the serial number, I also wanted somebody to verify, prior the pictures, whether there were any signs of it being a knock-off.
Right, thanks, I still need someone to identify those pictures as a legit LP though.

Gibson's linky on fakes. It looks legit to me. The only thing that bothers me is the truss rod cover is very close to the nut. Also they usually come with cases. Is there a original case for this one?
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Thanks for all the help, I'm buying it through the mail, to be honest I think it looks fine, but I just wanted to be 100% sure.