Ok, i want to be able play shred style. Ive been playing for 3 years now and have only learned the Am pentatonic and the notes of the fretboard as far as theory goes. So where do i start to learn to play fast like Yngwie Malmsteen i.e.?

The most important thing is to make sure your picking hand and fretting hand are both in sync with eachother. That is the hardest part. In the beginning, I would focus more on making sure you're hitting the notes accurately, then once the you have the technique down, you can apply it various scales. Check out this site:


Good luck!
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As for theory, there's a column called ''the crusade'' on this site. It takes you from were you're at, to just about all you eed to know.

As for technical paying skills, to start off, just learn songs you like and if yo want to build speed, your most important tool is the metronome. Make sure to set it at a tempo you're comfortable with and work up from there. Lastly, practice regularly. It doesn't do you any good to practice for 8 hours one day, just to not even pick up the guitar for the next week.
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As far as speed goes, concentrate first on your technique - Clean playing. When you have that down pretty well, the speed will build over time. No need playing fast and its sloppy! And keep in mind that speed doesnt come in a day, week, month or year. It takes time (to be like Yngwie)!!!