didnt you already post a thread on this show? yeah, you said u only had an hour with your singer. or maybe it was a bandmate and ya'll aren't communicating
In speed versus emotional playing, i think of an M16 versus an M24. You can have 650 rounds per minute, or one round, one kill. Both should be in your arsenal.

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I was rather impressed, sounded good, looked like you enjoyed it.
Good stuff
Thank you very much.
And it was my band mate hahaha he forgot to tell me he posted something.
What an idiot. ;]
Looked like you play tight together and you weren't a couple of stiffies. good job.
whered you play at ChuckeCheese?
It was alright, the drummer definitely needs to be a bit more variable, because you may as well have hit a bin lid through out a whole song.