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I listened to them once three years ago... Forgot all about them
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thats like... a really broad range... how can you like dragonforce AND beethoven Dx
I wanted this band to be better than they are.
It's really pretty boring stuff.
They have some really cool parts, but then ruin it with too many mediocre ones.

Whiskey Breath is my favorite track.
I think if they would have had more time to grow as a band they would have gotten a lot better. I was really into this guys at one point but not so much anymore. I can't tell if its because I over listened to them or grew out of them.

"Whiskey Breath" and "Juliet or at Least Whats Left of Her" are their best songs IMO.
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Avoid Me Like The Plague has one off the biggest 808s i've ever heard. I donno if that's all good. This band is just an incredible mediocre "southern metalcore" band.
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I thought the whole idea of post-hardcore was to mix techno and hardcore.....
they had potential. but they were pretty generic.
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