i have an opportunity to purchase this mesa/boogie cab for $200 USD and i need to know weather or not its a great cab, like "its mesa its got to be good" i need to know if its going to be great. if anyone has any info or experiance with it please tell me what you think!

i'm upgrading from a crappier Ampeg cab that just cant handle the lows from the guitar and the pedal i use. it breaks up when i'm shredding on the neck pickup and just doesnt do the pedal or guitar justice. i've played my setup through a Line 6 cab and it sounded greatly improved. will this cab do it? being that the guy lives over an hour and a half away i dont want to drive there just to test it out.. we're going to meet half way.. so i need to know if it'll do what i need, sound good and not break up.

sorry those are the only pictures i have of it.

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What are those speakers? I cannot read? Those are really good cabs though. I have one with Black shadow C90's. Which are are very neutral speaker. Those are the early Mark series cabs from about the mid 80- early 90's. But yes it's a good cab.

But I ask again what are the speakers?

Edit:I see it's got 2 beam blockers in it. Do those come with the cab also?
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it will will be a definite improvement. but it does look like an older cab. for the price, id say go for it but im not sure what speakers those are or what model cab. that is. Im a mesa boogie player and have uesd the standardcabs and stilletto cabs and loved em both.
i'm unsure of the speakers, i know their celestions but idk which ones. the guy who had it before the guy i'm buying it from switched them out.. so idk their not stock.

think i'll definitely jump on it though. thanks guys.