has anybody got n e clue if the esp ec1000 vintage black weighs the same as most les pauls?

ive got an epiphone black beauty and the weight is perfect.

any help?
The ESP Eclipse Series guitars are 40mm thick instead of the 55mm normal les paul guitars, which means less wood equalling less weight
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epic fail = ( i like heavey rip sticks

It doesnt sacrifice TOO much of the tone I dont think... It's just alot more gig friendly, it doesnt feel like youve got a ton weight strapped to you leaving you with no shoulder by the end of the night!
Its really light compared to a les paul, and alot thinner. I have the eclipse 2, Its pretty much the same thing except mine sais ESP and costs $700 more. Buy it, you won't be dissipointed.
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hmmm im still torn between the esp ec1000 or the epi zw lp

If you want the Les Paul style tone then stick with the Epi. If you want something else then get with the LTD. And also try them out as well.