Looking for my first tube amp.

I play rock and blues rock. I have a ts-9 for overdrive so i need something that ill take pedals well.

It cant be huge or extremely loud for obvious reasons.

My bugdet is kinda tight- like 350-400.

Here are some of the options ive been looking at.

-Ac4 Head Vox
-Marshall class 5 combo
- Used blues junior
-Valve junior head
Bugera V22
Epiphone Valve Senior
Blackheart Handsome Devil

The Class 5 doesn't have a master volume (i.e. no preamp gain control) so it has to get loud to get dirt.
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peavey windsor combo
only bad thing is it only has 1 channel but you can still get a clean sound
go with fender, try a deluxe or somthing.
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Used Randall RM20
Fender Blues JR.

Also TS, do you gig?
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Get the vox ac4
Tokai Love Rock
Vox AC4
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I'd go with the Blues Jr...........

this +1

...or maybe also look for the Fender Super Champ XD.
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