Hey i wanted to start doing some home recordings i need some advice on what would good recording/editing programs as well as some different amp simulations that i could use on my computer? Also i have a tapco usb audio interface would this be ok to use?
not sure but I guess the tapco will work

You could start off with settling on what DAW you wanna shoot for, we've got SONAR 8 , sony acid, cubase, etc.

As far as amp simulations, we have Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Revalver MK III, Studio Devil, etc.
Personally I would take one of these simulators, and get an additional plugin (which are normally free) that allows you to place an impulse after your sim, and letting you shoot for different cab+speaker+mic position simulations. These are oftentimes better imo than most stock cab simulators that most commercial amp sims include. A couple off the top of my head is KeFIR, voxengo, lepou, nebula 3 Free, etc...

First off once you get yourself ahold of a DAW - you can begin using your audio interface to lay some tracks of your guitars, with ASIO drivers. These normally will come with your inferface, otherwise you can find it online such as ASIO4ALL, etc. It just allows you to route your signal from the audio interface into a program, etc - and then direct your output to say, your monitors, or guitar cab (if your interface has an output, which I'm guessing it does)

you can take a look into acoustica, addictive drums, toontrack programs, etc for your drum track needs. Makes use of google, you can find alot of goodies that people make themselves and submit to the community. Prime examples are Lepou, ABG, etc for impulses and amp sims.

Hope I helped
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