Hey friends,

I've decided to take the plunge and purchase a compression pedal. I don't really know where to start, or what models/brands I should look at.

I don't really have a price-range, though don't offer me something 'ridiculous.' (ie. I'm looking for something versatile and of good quality, but it doesn't need to be pricey)

I'll be using the compressor pedal for clean and punchy tones, very funk oriented (Think Vernon Reid in Living Color). But also I need something that takes out the dynamics of my playing for fingerstyle/tapping clean style guitar.

Any links, or recommendations would be much appreciated.
I've heard Keeley's compressors are very good.
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Jangle box is a great comp..
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Keely compressors are very good pedals. Are you willing to invest in a rack mount? It's worth it. Higher quality effects, MIDI usable, all that.

If not, then I would recommend this: http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Keeley-Compressor-Guitar-Effect-Pedal?sku=150355
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I own a Line 6 Constrictor. It has 3 compression modes and a noise gate.

In its mellow setting, I can play clean to get a "Sweet Home Alabama" kind of sound. The other compression settings give different dynamic for each style.

It also gives me a pretty decent sustain... it takes a while for you to notice that it's actually the pedal engaging, and not a natural sustain. I like it a lot.

It's no longer in production, but you still can find it on eBay.