My buddy has an old Guild tube amp and I cant find too much on it. It says that it used to be a sonola amp before guild bought the company. But I want to add an eq to it because it doesnt have one. Anyone know about this?
I'm actually in the middle of refurbishing a 1967 Guild Thunderbass head. (tube)

So you're looking to add an eq? Like..a tone stack? Or an actual like, 10 band eq? By the way, what model of Guild amp is it? Do you have the schematic/manuals/whatever other information you could find yet?

What are you actually looking to do to it..more detail please?
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Thats the tricky thing. I cant find anything on the internet about it, except its the same as a Sonola amp that was rebadged with Guild. The model number is 98-r120.

It has no EQ in it and all I wan to do is add a 3/4 band eq in it
You will probs just need a few pots, capacitors and resistors to build the tonestack itself.

Consult duncan's tonestack calculator for more advice.


The difficult part is working out where to put it. What tubes does it have, and how many. Is it single ended or push-pull?
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