Sitting at the window
Can't draw yourself away
Fear keeps you watching
The same scene everyday
They think outside the box
To keep you in the frame
The world crumbles around you
But you still feel the same

Dust settles on the screen
And gets into your eyes
Breaking the connection
From the coma you rise
Stepping through the rubble
Cautious as a foal
Brushing yourself off
Emerging from the hole

and then i'm stuck, any ideas where to go from here? I've hit a blank.
When i get stuck it usually helps me when i think of what exactly i'm trying to say with the song. When you get the subjective straight and the emotions that you're trying to convey in the song it's a lot easier to write it, for me at least.
Try to picture what you're writing like its a movie. Picture what you have written and then keep the image going and write down what happens in the scenes. That usually helps me.
You and I are mortal, but rock n roll will never die.
Generally, when I'm writing I don't think. It just happens. So just try and get into that 'zone', so to speak, and the words will come.