So Im sure some of you have experienced this before. You sit down one time randomly and you find you can play everything like 20% faster and cleaner. This just happened to me! Its awesome, so i thought share if this has happened to you and if its because of some small change you made tell us so we can try it!

For me, I always play sitting, and I switched from having the guitar on the right thigh to in between the legs, and ive improved greatly. Hopefully this will help some pople!
I get this depending on how I feel.
you get the good days and the bad days right?
maybe it's just in your head.
Yeah, those moments rock - you're just feeling it, relaxed, and everything just happens.
It's a great feeling, just don't get too attached.....the inverse is just as possible.
Usually it's because you had a few bad days followed by a good day, so you end up feeling a lot better about your playing even though your still about the same skill level. But permanent random skill increases are always fun (:
Hah I hope its not a temporary thing, my playing is pretty consistent and I did change posture, so Im hoping its not just an on/off thing
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the shitty thing is, that when you sit down tomorrow again with great expectations...

...you suddenly suck again

Yuppp. Basically every other day I either think I'm a guitar god or the noobiest wannabe ever. It's a mental thing. In reality you're probably somewhere inbetween
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Yuppp. Basically every other day I either think I'm a guitar god or the noobiest wannabe ever. It's a mental thing. In reality you're probably somewhere inbetween

Same with me here. One day I feel terrible at guitar. My fingers feel stiff and slow, everything sounds bad, i'm sloppy and I can't improvise to save my life.
The next day i'm jamming along to songs and it sounds damn good, and I pick new stuff up really fast, I feel a lot faster and smoother in my playing and I am motivated to practice.
I seem to alternate everyday, i'm going through a bad one today ):
this usually happens when i don't think my hands are cold hahaha.
i always thing im gonna play bad if my hands are cold and stiff >.<
i get those whenever i practice more than 3 hours for 3 days in a row. that seems to be the magic amount of time.
I tend to do extremely well very late at night. The rest of the time I am fairly mediocre.
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I tend to do extremely well very late at night. The rest of the time I am fairly mediocre.

^wich is pretty weird since it's been proven that doing something before you go to sleep makes you remember it more easily.

The bad lame moments were I completely sucks come random for me.
It's only sometimes when I've got something on my chest that I notice it happening too.
I tend to get really big increases after not playing for a few days. It's weird but I think it has to do with the psychology of learning. Brain activity responsible for complex motor skills like playing an instrument take awhile to build and solidify.
Sometimes it takes a while for your practice to show up. Othertimes you just get into a mental zone and play all kinds of things that are usually above your playing ability.

When I wanted speed..I practiced 2 hours nearly every day for 6 months before I had made a significant improvement,and I still had a lot of work ahead of me.

Just make sure you build your tekniks slowly because the same way these new skills just appeared..bad form will show up just as well.

Congrats on your progress.
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I don't thinl its that your skill increased...
Its just that you were comfortable and in a good mood, which reflects in your playing.
But watch when your in a bad mood and you play no matter what your gonna think you suck whetheryour playing better then you ever had in your life or what ever...
Just enjoy it and try to write down the riffs or record them for future reference.
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Just happened to me the other day. Afte ra week of practicing the tapping solo of Christmas Canon Rock it finally just came together at speed and rythm. is awesome
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I've noticed that I have days where everything clicks and other days where I feel like a total slob. But, I keep practicing, sometimes an hour a day, sometimes ALL day. Been going at it every day for almost a year now, and I've noticed major improvements in my abilities.

I think it has less to do with how you feel from day to day, just as long as you stick with it on the bad days.
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I used to get those alot, but since working on my technique and being able to get consistant results, I get them less and less.

Its really just a feel good feeling now, where im on top of the game and able to play as well as I can.
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I tend to do extremely well very late at night. The rest of the time I am fairly mediocre.

The same here. I've written 90% of all my good riffs past midnight.
I think it might have something do to the fact, that when you're tired you rely less on traditional thinking and experience and let ideas come more freely.

And then when you write an awesome riff you're totally high, can't fall asleep and end up totally wasted at school next morning.
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I usually play my best when I'm jamming with other people, because it feels like a "performance," but in my room I don't try to be too critical of my playing. It's all about being relaxed and at the same time being really focused and in the mindset of playing guitar because you love it and it's fun. Thinking that there's a possibility that you suck is bad. If it were true (that you sucked), then you'd definitely hear it. Know your limits, but also do your best to push them until you improve. Others will notice, even if you don't.

I also find that "good guitar days" are the best times to write songs/riffs for use with my band. The other day I played guitar for like 5 1/2 hours and I wrote probably the best song my band has.
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Remember, we're not computers. "Skill" cannot be discretized. We're made of flesh and blood and are subject to changes in our hormone levels, the balance of chemicals in our bodies, etc. What I'm trying to say is skill is always going to be variable. Don't get hung up on rapid increase or days when you can barely play a lick at all. Just go with it and love it!
I think what happened to you is just that weeks or months of disciplined practise at a reasonable speed finally manifested themselves. It is what that practise is trying to achieve after all, and it goes to show that practising at a slow, constant speed rather than pushing up the tempo really pays off, despite how counterintuitive it may seem.
oh, I just started practicing these speed lesson things and after about a month I noticed that I could suddenly play songs I could not play before. It's still very hard to play them standing up but while I sit down it's no problem. So then after I nailed the song till about the first solo I figured I might as well give the solo a try (It's I believe in a thing called love by the darkness) and I got it. I'm still a bit worried about my playing ability right now. Just wondering if I'm doing ok or not. I've been at it for about 6 months now. but after a bit of a speed increase nothing else happened. grrr want more skill increases