a mod can permaban it?
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Except children.
I think the admins might be able to delete it completely, PM one of them.
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why would you want to leave UG?

such a wonderful, heavenly place.

i hereby banish you to a future in the pit and the pit alone.

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why do you need to delete your profile? it's not like anyone really takes notice of you anyway, so...

PaulyEdit: Anyway, if you read the UG 'manual' you'll realise that you can't delete your profile. If you don't want it, just don't use it. Simple really.
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No, you're trapped here forever. Why do you think the rest of us are here all the time?

Who are you, anyway?
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We don't typically delete accounts. I assume it can be done, but I can't think of a case where an admin actually did it.

Your account can be permanently banned if you wish. Please PM to continue this discussion.