I'm in the process of trying to buy new gear for my band, but I'm flat broke until Christmas and next summer, so sadly, I'm parting ways with my guitar and amp. An Epiphone Les Paul Standard (Ebony) and a Line 6 Spider III 30 watt amplifier are what I'm selling. $450 is my asking price for both of the items together. There are no blemishes on any of the items; they look the same way they did when I bought them a year and a half ago. They all sound excellent played together; the Line 6 is very versatile, and has all the effects a guitarist could want on there, and combined with that rich sound of the Les Paul, sounds absolutely perfect. This is really good for anyone who is a beginner or an intermediate player who's shifting focus to some higher gear. The only reason I'm selling them is because I just don't have much use for them anymore; I bought a Mesa/Boogie in August and am in the process of buying a Schecter guitar, so I want to sell my other items to someone who will put them to good use
I'll ship anywhere in the United States, just lemme know. If you have questions or comments, or want pics, just respond here. Thanks!