I am interested in buying an amp. I am not an expert at all at what would be good, so does anyone have any recomendations on what I should get?

- Good Distortion
- Tube Amp
- Under $1000

And are line 6 spiders any good?
the spiders are decent... but dont get one if you can afford better. and their not tube.
heard greathings about the peavey valveking.
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Well you need to be more specific as to genres and bedroom/gigging.

Its funny you say tubes, good distortion and ask about a spider which is neither.
if you have $1000 then you can get much better than a valveking, you could find a used Mesa Mk4 which is a GODLIKE amp when it comes to anything high gain
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What genres do you play, what kind of tone are you going for?

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