Okay, quick question.

I have a Crate GX130c, it has an effects loop that has send and return jacks, now, I've heard that when you use an effect loop you're running effects before the power amp or something, right?

Now, is there anyway to run the preamp of my amp, through the power amp of a tube amp? As IIRC, I've heard that alot of the classic tube crunch comes from the power amp, not the preamp. Like, could I plug my amp's effect loop send into the return of a tube amp or something? Assuming the tube amp had a effects loop?
You could do that, though I'm not sure why you wouldn't just use the tube amp's effects loop. Just because pushed power tubes sound good doesn't mean a SS preamp from a budget crate is going to sound as good as a decent tube preamp. SS preamps aren't as bad as SS power amps, but most people still prefer a tube preamp.
The Crate doesn't sound bad, its actually very similar in sound to an Ampeg VH140c, which are amazing rock/metal amps. I'm just wondering if it'd be possible to make it even better with a tube power amp.
If you were to get a tube power amp in rack form I suppose it'd be cool, then later one you can get a nice tube pre-amp as well to pair it with.
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Naw, I'm saving for an Axe FX Ultra after I get a tube power amp of some kind, I just wanted to know if I could run a normal SS amp through it in the mean time, as it'll be 6-7 months until I get an Axe FX.