First question I have, is it legal?

I've had it up to my neck with it, he's ruining my hamster emporium.
He thinks he's the big dog and just generally mucks around in there, digging in the gravel and stuff & bullying the other emporiumistas.
He's also very vicious. He raped a small gerbil I put in a few weeks ago, and I'm sure he's been stealing some of the other hamsters dried fruit too.
The worst thing though, is that when I go to feed them or clean the tank, he comes right up to the glass and tries to stare me out.

He's got a right mean look also. I know it's stupid, but it unsettles me.
I feel daft getting intimidated by a hamster that's a few inches long.

So, pit, I've decided I'm going to teach the fucker a lesson.

I want to make sure I can't get done for animal cruelty when I mutilate & burn it.

It's only a hamster after all, not a dog or anything.

Any legal bods on here?
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You've got some serious issues...
Well, if you can get done in for doing it, you've just let the entire interwebs know about it.

Ya there are a few legal bods on here. I'm hoping you won't be a bod on here in a few moments.
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