Hey, I've been running out of maintenance accessories and was looking for some recommendations on what you guys think I should get. I'll need...

String cleaner/lube
Fretboard cleaner(preferably something that works on maple)
Guitar cleaner
Guitar polish
Some alen keys (what sizes? for Floyd's, Kahler's, and regular strat bridges)
Some general sizes for truss rod wrenches?
I guess I'll need a good cloth, I've been using a t-shirt.
And I need a good pair of cutters, preferably small, Brands please?

Thanks guys, I've been putting off getting all the random accessories that make themselves disappear.. So I guess recommend just some brands, and why they are better contenders overall then the other guys.. thanks!
well for a polish for the body, i like dunlop, they make a good polish... along with there string cleaner and fretboard cleaner....

for allen key's just get a set of both, it's metric and i forget the other size.. w/e it is that america uses... or maybe it's canada... gahh i forget,, just get 2 different sets.lol...

Any wire cutters work really.. just a small pair is nice.

Usually on a guitar you only need like 2 different sizes of allen keys... my schecter damien FR only requires 2 different ones. 1 for the locking tuners,, it is also compatible with the other floyd parts that require it.. and then like 1 or 2 sizes up for the trussrod

I would also recommend you get a small screwdriver set, just a little one that comes in that small case. it has came in hand for me alot