...but don't you think it would be great if the same amount of people who got RATM to number 1 could unite together to do something great/important?

Don't get me wrong, I loved the fact they got number 1, but you just can't help feeling that if we can unite to get a song in the charts, surely we can do the same for a just cause or to try and combat some of the injustices in the world.

Does anyone else feel the same? I find it almost depressing to think that those people who bought the track(myself included) would almost certainly be too lazy or unprepared to do anything on this scale for a good cause.

I want to make it clear that this is not an attack on the Rage campaign, and the fact that a good chunk of money has been raised for shelter is great.

My point is, if we can get hundreds of thousands of people to do this, can't we go on to do greater things that will benefit the world?
Well /b/ got some douchebag who hurt their cat arrested. So.....People of the internet do nice stuff every now and then.
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"Stopping AIDS will destroy X-Factor"

With a slogan like that, AIDS would be eradicated within a week.
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Damn that's a good point, never though of that :/
I sign loads of petitions on www.avaaz.org but that's not really the same thing.
'Spretty cool though if you want to give it a try.
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the thing is, Simon Cowell also owns RATM's record label
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its the fact that theres nothing in it for people

people only bought rage so they would hear it on christmas instead of a load of shite from xfactor

i wouldnt want to do anything good for the reason of people would have to be bribed to do it, and if your getting bribed it just kinda dosnt matter
i would only do it under my own free will to do something that matters, not to get something out of it
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the thing is, Simon Cowell also owns RATM's record label

For God's sake wise up. I've seen this said about 10 times on here.

A) No he doesn't.
B) He won't have made a noticable (to him) amount of money off Rage.
C) It's not even about money, it's about proving a point.
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they actually did it? kudos!
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Well, Anon is battling Scientology, and I'm pretty sure that if they didn't go out and say something, a lot of people wouldn't have known AS much about it, and how ridiculous.

I mean, the celebrity involvement raised attention, but, at least on the internet, Anon helped show how ludicrous it is.

So.... yeah?
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Well /b/ got some douchebag who hurt their cat arrested. So.....People of the internet do nice stuff every now and then.

rule #1, buddy.

no, not really. yeah, you see facebook groups that say "1,000,000 members for breast cancers awareness! For every member I will donate 1p!"
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