Ok, so I own a charvel so-cal, and as you may or may not know, the fretboard/neck is more or less unfinished. There is alot of dirt build up on the fretboard and I was wondering what I can do/use to get all of this out without harming the wood. I was thinking I would just rub it down with a toothbrush? thanks
I would say use some mineral oil (lightly) on the fretboard, wipe, then maybe take the finest steel wool available (0000) and just lightly brush over the entire fretboard (maybe avoid frets). Then finish that shit however you want. its maple so it isn't as oily as rosewood, so a finish would be a pretty good idea, atleast put some lem-oil on it.

BTW, wrong area GB&C would be more appropriate.
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Dr Stringfellow's and a soft toothbrush.
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I use 0000 steel wool and lemon oil on all my fretboards as DeathByDestroyr described.
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BTW, wrong area GB&C would be more appropriate.

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ok, you just need a toothbrush with soft bristles, a clean cloth, and some elbow grease. first gently use the toothbrush to knock off as much dirt/grime as you can. then use the cloth clean the fretboard, going with the grain of the wood. thats what i use on all my fretboards when i clean them and ive never had an issue.
dont use oil on any finished boards.

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lemon oil is not meant for maple fretboards

It's NOT Left on....Use a Soft Tooth brush Wet the brush with the Dr and Dry the board when your done BAM
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