some people love them.
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i like whatever pick... i usually buy dunlops but ive tried those... they are alright... feels like a regular pick to me... you shouldnt be too picky on which picks you like... it is a waste of time...
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Ok can we stop sucking this dudes dick and deal with my question?
"You will play better and sound better with V-Picks guitar and mandolin picks. "

quite the claim :/

all picks are different, some have different sounds in the way they attack the string and allow it roll off, some stay in your hands better depending on your perspiration, and some will compliment your picking style better than others.

just buy a ton of different ones, and see which one feels right.
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"You will play better and sound better with V-Picks guitar and mandolin picks. "

quite the claim :/

Play better?

Sound better?

I've been on and off v-picks for a while.
I hate, hate, hate playing with them. I would never play a gig with them, I'd rather use a quarter. That said, they have become a staple of my practice routine.
They literally force you to play cleaner, smoother, and more controlled.

Some people love them, but personally, I think they're good for technique only.
Worth trying, if only for that.
Play better?
Yes. or at least I think so

Sound better?
Yes, or at least I find them more punchy then a 1.5/2.0mm tortex

Since I bought a set of these picks I haven't used anything else anymore, those tortexes and stuff don't do it for me anymore.

they also wear a lot less, (and I mean alot). i'm still on my first set, and have been using em for about a year now. The ones I use are the Acoustic/Screamer (same thing) and the Large Pointed. I also tried the Shredder, but it's not my cup of tea.

So yeah, I recommend em.
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v picks are great
but at some point you stop and ask yourself

what the hell am i doing spending hundreds of dollars on guitar picks
i should just practice more
i wish i could take that advice

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They're all right, you can kind of play faster, but I don't like the plucky sound they make and they can't do pinch harmonics well.

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