Okay I'm wanting to buy a new guitar and I'm just wondering if I put a set of evolution pickups (which are the pickups off of an Ibanez JEM) and put them on a $400 Ibanez RG370 would that basically make it just as good tonewise? Or would it still not be as good. So should I buy the JEM for a shitload of money or spend about 600 bucks on an RG370 with the pickups. I could even buy the Edge Pro tremolo to put on the RG couldn't I?
Nope. First of all, the RG has a basswood body, while a JEM7V has an alder. The JEM also has a maple/walnut neck, while the RG is pure maple. The JEM is obviously of a higher quality build. No two guitars will sound the same. Your better off getting a better alder body Ibanez and put Evos in that.
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