Hey guys,

I have a 4 string Fender Aerodyne J/P bass and I want to know what would be a good brand, gauge, type of strings I should get. I play mostly Rock (Kiss, AC/DC, Godsmack, Metallica) and I play some funk and blues. What do you think?
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I use Ernie Ball regular slinky ( med. gauge, 105-50) and their real good with rock, but im positive if you get a lighter gauge, youll have a much funkier sound.
check out rotosound swing .66's. although they are very, very bright at first. almost to the point of harsh. i love them though.
I always use D'Addario medium lights (100 - 45). I think they're ideal for rock, not too heavy but still with a decent low and not too bright.
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The thing with strings is that it's personal preference. Everyone is going to suggest what strings they like or use.

What you should do in my opinion is make a list of strings you want to try for example:
1. Rotosound swing
2. Warwick red labels
3. Ernie ball Slinkies

then every time you need new strings, buy a different a different type off the list.

Eventually you will discover which you like the best. It's long winded, but it works.


EDIT: i personally think red labels are tasty.
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