So I have this pickup and I can't identify it. I know I've seen the logo before, it's just a humbucker with a lowercase "i" on the case in the right hand lower corner. I got it in a SH-13 Dimebucker case but it's definitely not a Dimebucker.

If anyone could help me ID that would be great because I either want to sell it or try it out.

edit: The 'i' kinda looks like EMG font
Obviously Fassa.
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Uploading a picture would help.

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the ibucker. the i stands for invisible.

pics d00d.
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Im not able to do pics because I dont have a digital camera

A picture is a worth a thousand words.

Especially when we need to see the pickup to identify it.
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No camera? No problem!

Mail me the pickup and you can read what it is on the eBay link.
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