Hello thar. I'm sick of these stupid low quality earbuds, I've gone through about 20 pairs. That, plus the fact that my lossless music library is increasing, brings me to the realization that I need some good quality over the ear headphones. I've been looking at some Sennheiser and Grado headphones. Closer to audiophile quality, the better. My budget is at or around $150. Thanks for the help!

hey guys. im pretty new to Ultimate Guitar and picked up the bass around a month ago and i have a question. do u guys know if connecting my headphones to my amp and then playing my bass guitar will damage them? Ive asked around and have heard very different answers. I love my headphones and can't really afford to replace them so I would hate to damage them.
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Amen. Got a pair of these on the 12th, you'll never want to go back to earbuds.

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