For sale is my Yamaha RGX A2 in white, I've had it for about 9months now but only played it a handful of times.

It's like new (no marks or dings anywhere whatsoever) which is why I haven't uploaded any pictures.

Will include 2 sets of strings - Ernieball 9's and Rotosound 10's and a new 9v battery to go with it.

A2's go for around £350-£420 these days, £300 if you're lucky and look hard ;-) and especially with the economy doing poor and guitar prices rising as a result.

Mine, like new is yours for £260 - buyer to pay actual postage costs. Those in the UK I'm in Crewe and would be willing to travel up to an hour journey time to deliver or meet.

It would make a great Xmas gift

PM me if you're interested or want pictures.
Any chance of a drop in price? Considering I can get them for £290 brand new with warranty etc.
I won't lower too much because I'm already losing money on a like new guitar

Remember Yamaha build quality is excellent so it's unlikely you'll really need a warranty, althought it'll give you peace of mind.

How does £220 sound?
Well I think that sounds pretty good, it will be a little while before I get some cash in, unless you fancy trading for one of my guitars?
I have a Gould Superstrat, an Ibanez ARX140 in white with black racing stripes, and a Jackson DKMG I might part with, however you will have to add about £150 on top.
Hi sorry, I'm not up for a trade as I'm just want to downsize my guitar collection - I'm too busy with uni + work so I don't have the time to play much these days, so can't justify keeping so many guitars around the house.

There's not been many others who are interested so let me know when you have the cash and I'll let u kno if I still have it ;-)