yeah i went waaaaay overboard on this one. lots of crazy backing vocals, epic wailing, some saxophone in the middle...it's a good time. i dunno whats up with the drums, it sounds fine through headphones but on regular speakers they're like inaudible under all the guitar... just to pre-empt that comment.

Very cool. I like it )especially the sax. Your right about the drums though... 8/10
Hey you wanna crit the Christmas songs on my profile for me? Thanks man. Good job too
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lol This is cool as hell, your voice sounds an awful lot like Mike Patton only a bit deeper. You've gone real overboard with drum kicks to be quite honest lol. I use EZ drummer, which I think you can do without, your's sound a lot more natural than mine, mine's a bit overprocessed. Cool shit! It's sounds a shit load like Mr. Bungle. I like the little sax part at the end. Badass song. The only thing I'd change is possibly the kick drums, they get unneccessarily fast at some parts. Good work.
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