Hey folks got a new song up. In my profile. I'd like to hear some feedback. Keep in mind that this unfinished so I'll probably put it up again real soon. I'll crit back, just leave a link. Thanks!!!
I think the intro was a bit too long. You have some good ideas, but at times you seem to have played the wrong notes.

The part at 2:13 was very good. Atmospheric, but why did you pan the guitars so hard on the sides?

Many good ideas, but it needs a better production
Lol yeah I agree, it was about 2 in the morning, I looked at it before exporting it and saw that I hit a bunch wrong notes at the intro, I just said to hell with it xD I panned them hard because I thought it would create a more claustrophobic atmosphere :/
Whoo, that was pretty epic, the intro was catchy, maybe a little over complicated with both guitars causing a few timing issues.
Good harmonies on the middle section, still a few timing issues.
Great distortion sound, this is where it get interesting and improves for me.

Well done, keep up the good work,

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Very nice. The song gives an almost dissonance, very odd and a bit mysterious. The guitar tones were good too. Keep up the good work.
So... Jeff Lynne is still making music.. all is well.

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The intro is a bit long, and the song seem a bit "empty" at the beginning and too full near the end.
Some parts seems a bit off beat, do you keep a click track while tracking?
you have a lot of good ideas, keep writing!

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cool cool stuff. i love really atmospheric stuff like this...i especially dig the little harmonized bit at around 6 minutes in. and i'm THOROUGHLY interested to know what you use for your drums, cause they sound much better than my guitar pro midi -> garageband soundfont drums.

also i agree with your choice of hard-panning the guitars. it keeps the tone from getting too muddy and brings out the atmosphere, especially in a black metal type situation where you're looking to make it claustrophobic and dark.

if i could pick out negatives, the intro goes on for a bit too long, and the distorted tone is a bit grainy.

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I thought the beginning section could use some work, actually... The multiple guitars is a good idea and sounds cool, but there are so many timing issues I heard in there that listening to it was actually confusing. A little work/a rerecording of it would make it cool though. A little shorter on that part would be good too, like the others said. The middle section I liked, parts of it sounded really cool to me. The part after 6 minutes I liked as well, and the ending was well done. Overall, good job.

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I'm sorry man, I couldn't listen past the intro, there was just too many mistakes, I dont know if you where trying to double track, or just give a two guitar feel, but it just didnt work this time. Sometimes it happens, and thats ok. I think the song does have potential, you just need to shorten your song by 4 minutes and play in time. Your a good player, and I'm sure you can make this epic if you play within your skill level.

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Wow.. very nice recording...

Like the intro so much...

the rest of the song was ok... Its actually too long... just an opinion...

but overall its a great tune...

crit mine?

Writing as I listen ...

Very nice intro, it does sound a bit empty, but I think that fits well. But I agree with the others, it's a bit too long. Where it changes into arpeggio, however, it sounds a bit too empty. Feels like the song should have started a while ago, makes the listener a bit impatient.

Holy ****ing shit at that distortion. Does sound a bit unclear though, you should definitely turn the highs down a bit and the lows up. Sounds like you put some kind of hi-fi effect on it. And I might be wrong, but it sounds like there's no bass (guitar) in this track?

The drums sound very good with the distortion, good job on that.

To sum up, even if I didn't find the song very special, you do have something going here, and it's original. Pretty decent guitar work too.

Oh, and is that a real harmonica (or flute?) at the ending? If not, I'd like to know what VST that is?
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Yeah that's a real harp at the end. It was from an old idea i recorded a long time ago.