$550 + shipping, includes Epiphone Hard Shell Case made for a Wildkat.

Beautiful, FLAWLESS 2007 Wildkat, Tigerstripe finish, like new, actually better than new.

When I got it the fret dressing was terrible, very sharp edges. I took it to have that addressed and found the fretboard wasn't true.

In other words in order to level the frets without re-working the fretboard some frets would have to be very thin on the low E side.

Frets removed, fretboard trued and leveled, re-fretted, frets leveled, dressed and polished, plastic nut replaced with a bone nut and then setup with 10's. (I have over $300 in having this done)

I just played another new Wildkat recently and there is no comparison.

I will be putting it on Craiglist but wanted to give you guys a crack at it first.

I will take some more pics to show the case and everything.